A lawyer is a person who, in the manner prescribed by law, provides legal assistance to his client. Also, the person is a free advisor on various legal issues.

A guardian follows the nature of his profession designed to ensure that the protection of citizens is not only during the initial conditions but also in court. He is also required to advise on legal issues to those who have experienced them. Also, in carrying out his duties, he was given certain rights. They are as follows:

1. Requests from organizations and companies, as well as from various authorities and documents.

2. To question those who have anything to say about the conduct carried out, with the second agreement.

3. Collect and complete your information principles.

4. Without certain obstacles to meet with his client, even during his detention. In this case, the appointment should not be limited.

5. Attract experts whose assistance is needed to help the principal. For example, experts or translators.

6. To examine in detail the case materials, finish them all with the help of a special tool while preserving the secrets of the state.

By the nature of their activities, a lawyer is justified by all that is not directly prohibited by law. This is the main essence of his profession, which is to provide valuable assistance to humans. In addition to the rights granted, there are also certain duties of a lawyer. They are earmarked by the Guild Law No. 63 dated May 31, 2002. If a guardian pursues his interests that conflict with the interests of the principal, then the agreement with him must be terminated and reported to the competent authorities.


Representing the interests of their clients in court or at the initial level of investigation, the attorney assumes certain obligations. Therefore, it is necessary to make a deal with him. The job of a lawyer is as follows:

• Perform with a pure heart to protect the rights and interests of your clients in all available and legal ways.

• To assist principals in preliminary investigation rankings and the courts.

• Providing legal assistance

• Transfer the required amount to the bureau, cabinet or room.

• Comply with the code of professional ethics.

• Not disclose known information to him when working with citizens.

Defenders also may not be involved in commercial activities, work in organizations or companies, to be in lay service. A guardian’s duties also include respect for the client’s interests and full agreement with his views on that matter. Therefore, if someone considers himself innocent of the corpse, the defense should not be thought otherwise. If not, they will not cooperate.

Appointed from this country

In practice, very often such conditions apply when someone cannot pay for the services of a professional lawyer. In this case, the kingdom came to help him. He gave him a lawyer who would run the case for nothing. This is only provided for those accused of atrocities. In civil proceedings, there are no such rules. Because citizens who are capable of themselves can protect their interests.

The rights and guardianship of a person who is appointed by a kingdom are the same as a person who is a person. They are provided by the Guild Act №63. Only in this case, the defense will not be very defending the interests of his clients, because he will receive his salary without thinking what the results of that case. Even so, there are people who are meticulous among state officials who respect their profession and in whatever circumstances try to do work qualitatively.

Crowds of people also offer principals to pay a sum of money, and after that, they will lead the full defense. As a rule, in such cases, the guardianship of a guard is violated by him freely, and then problems arise about continuing his activities in this status.

Power, rights, and liability of a lawyer. Code of Professional Ethics